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  • Stop wasting your money: Right now, you waste your money and time with advertising that doesn’t deliver SALES AND MONEY, but there is a solution: I will write advertisements that lead your customers to buy because I will successfully explain to them how you can help them.
  • You have zero risk: You are tired of empty promises, sick and tired of wasting your time and money. But I understand that, so I guarantee my work. I will give you your money back if I don’t succeed.
  • If you don’t believe me, use Paypal: That’s right, more sales for you, or your money back. If you don’t believe me, pay me with Paypal which has a 6 month money back customer insurance. That’s how certain I am that I can help you reach your financial goals.
  • Stop Failing: Currently your advertising always fails, and it bores everyone to death. But we can solve that very easily, because my advertising captivates customers by focusing on them, and the solutions that you can provide to them.
  • Make money for yourself, not for others: You are so tired of making everyone rich but yourself. The guy printing your brochures is getting rich. The girl doing your Facebook “likes” campaign is getting rich. Your photographer and web designers are raking it in. But how about you? Who is looking after you?  I don’t have super-powers, but I will fix your advertising or return every cent you paid.

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Like violin dealer Joy Lee who saw an increase of 950% in sales on her Presto Violin brand

  • Enjoy the sales boost: These “crazy” increases in sales are not uncommon in advertising, especially if your previous advertising was not written by a professional and your offer is excellent. If your product and price (offer) are not competitive, then you should probably work on that first.
  • Fully guaranteed to help you: You will definitely get a boost to your sales, or you can count on a swift refund.
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  • Money Back Guarantee: No other copywriter gives this peace of mind. We measure your results and if my writing doesn’t beat your current advertising, I return your money right back to you…
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I will identify your bad advertising, then kill it ! or change it so that your PROFITS SOAR

  • Stop guessing: If your advertising is not measured, and we can’t tell what works and what doesn’t, we will implement measuring tactics so that YOU KNOW and then YOU PROFIT from advertising that sells.
  • We will generate more leads, more prospects, and sales so that you can enjoy the success and recognition that comes with RAKING IN PROFITS.

Stop Worrying About Your Business Because Measured Advertising Makes You More Sales

  • To achieve better results for you, we do lots of testing: I am not supernatural I just try different approaches and the one that sells more of YOUR product, and the one that makes MORE MONEY for YOU, is the one we keep.
  • Stop feeling like you have failed: You keep losing money on advertising that doesn’t deliver because your current copywriter doesn’t measure.
  • You don’t deserve to be lied to: While other agencies look at weird stuff, such as “likes” or “presence” on social media, we only measure the type of response YOU want. This is usually sales.
  • You will get effective advertising, focused on your needs. Other advertising agencies love “branding” campaigns, but this is a game that only huge companies like Coca-Cola should be playing. These “branding” campaigns are hard to measure, which is why those other agencies like them, they don’t like to be accountable.
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